Pascal et Pascale



Le début



It all started in 1980– Les Pascals, Chef Pascal and his wife, Pascale, met in France. He was an accomplished pastry chef and she had a strong background in hospitality and food management. 

"She (my wife) sparkles. Hospitality is in her blood. She is a perfectionist. She has always worked in a patiesserie business," shared Pascal Merle, Chef and owner of Les Pascals.

Pascale Merle - Patisserie Front of the House, Director of Sales– loves work and the customer is always her first priority. She firmly believes you must respect your customers and their experience. If something is not perfect, you throw it out. It must be perfect, every time. 

For almost four decades, Chef Pascal has been a pastry chef at leading French pâtisseries like Boulangerie Follet, Pâtisserie Vial, and Henon for almost four decades, after earning his CAP in Bakery and Chocolate Making in 1981. 



Carmel, CA



In 2013, the Pascals moved to Carmel, California where they became co-owners of Lafayette Bakery, CA, a reputable bakery in Carmel, California. 


Glen Ellen, CA

Le reste est l'histoire


Today, the Pascals have opened their very own French pâtisserie in the heart of Glen Ellen, Sonoma. Chef Pascal brings to Les Pascals a deep love for the art of pastry-making and an comprehensive understanding of the science behind it. His life's passion is creating authentic, unique and delicious pastries for his customers.