Tout a commencé quand...

Les Pascals' boulanger, Sean Perry, hails from San Diego. Perry first fell in love with baking bread while working at La Boulange in San Francisco. It was then when he had learned the fundamentals of bread baking and grew an appreciation and affection for the artistry. Perry decided to hone in on his baking skills and took intensive courses at The San Francisco Baking Institute where he learned to master the craft. 

Perry and Pascal Merle met while working together at the famous Lafayette Bakery in Carmel, California. Perry was originally hired on as a bread baker apprentice, but very quickly grew into his role and took on more responsibilities–– eventually managing all of the dough at Lafayette Bakery. Perry emphasizes that he would bake the bread and Pascal would make them beautiful-- they became a very complimentary duo. When Pascal decided to move to Glen Ellen, Sonoma and open Les Pascals, he asked Perry to be his partner. For Perry, it was an easy decision. He's excited to share his passion and craft with the Glen Ellen community.